Noctua top-down chladiče NH-L9 vs NH-L12 Ghost S1 vs NH-C14S

Test setup

The heatsink tests will take place on the mini ITX configuration that I currently have available. More precisely, it will be a mini ITX board Gigabyte B550I Aorus Pro AX, processor AMD 3400G, which is overclocked to 4200 MHz with maximum allowed voltage, RAM Corsair, Graphics card Sapphire RX570 8 GB. Each of the coolers will be tested from highest RPM of the fans to the lowest one (with a difference of 2V) and then they will be compared to each other at the same speed (if it was possible to change RPM to the same speed).



I would like to thank to following manufactureres: Gigabyte, AMD, Sapphire, Corsair, Be Quiet, Dimastech.


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