Noctua top-down chladiče NH-L9 vs NH-L12 Ghost S1 vs NH-C14S

English version

This test of three top down coolers from the Austrian brand Noctua came a little bit unexpected. Noctua released a special edition of NH-L12 cooler for Loque Ghost S1 case under the name NH-L12 Ghost S1. Originally, I was supposed to test the case, so I asked Noctua to send me a new cooler, but thanks to COVID-19 loan of Ghost S1 has not happened yet. On the other hand, the cooler had already came so what now? Noctua has sent additional NH-C14 and I took out from drawer NH-L9a. I also tried to address different manufacturers, but I could not get any top-down cooler for this test. So, this time it will be about power and comparison of Noctua coolers.


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