Interview s Jeffom Maxwellom (MASH 4077th!) a Ryanom Patrickom (MASH Matters podcast) - 3

Part 3 - least favorite show

Question Lukas: I know the answer now, but was the least favorite scene of the MASH for you?

Ryan: laughs

Lukas continues: I know we will create some noise with fans here

Ryan: You’ve listened to the podcast, you know our answer, you know which one is our least favorite.

Lukas: yes I did 😊

Ryan continues: Big red bird with fuzzy pink feet

All: laughs

Ryan continues: It’s a scene in fact, I saw somebody on reddit today posted that scene and talked about their love of that scene and everybody commented how much they love that scene and I don’t understand why so many people love that scene. But I can’t judge everyone who does love it because you know we all have favorite scene, favorite lines and nobody has ever going agree on everything. But for me it just I don’t know, it was a scene that has always gotten under my skin, but you know that just me…lot of people love I don’t know why

All: laughs

Jeff: I don’t necessarily have a scene I don’t have as favorite. To me they were all part of my life.

Ryan: Well any scene that didn’t future Igor, right?

All: laughs

Jeff: Well that it’s true

All: laughs

Lukas: We know that at the beginning of the show MASH was almost canceled at some point.

Jeff: Yes it was that’s true

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