Interview s Jeffom Maxwellom (MASH 4077th!) a Ryanom Patrickom (MASH Matters podcast) - 3

Last Question

Question Lukas: Last question: couple of weeks ago you had reader survey out there, can you reveal what we can look for?

Ryan: We are working on some things and we hope to have something soon out for fans to be able to support the show in different ways. Can’t really say much more than that. But wheels are in motion, let’s just put it that way. As far as actual podcast itself, we do have some more quest, we’ve done some more interviews we’ve didn’t released yet and we still gonna be looking at getting more people on the show. We are so blessed that we have such outpouring response from listeners – it is a blessing and curse because we are really backlogged with lot of listeners question and voice mails, so we have lot of questions to answers. Every time we answer 5 we get 12 more, that is not bad thing, I’m not complaining in any means. If we didn’t have listeners questions we would be twiddling our thumbs for 15 minutes 

All: laughs

Ryan continues: on a podcast and sign off. So its great, it’s a backbone of our podcast – listener questions and feedback that we get, stories that people share. I just feel bad because that there are so many, that we just haven’t got to them yet. But we are going to it. We also have some interviews coming up with some people, at least one in particular and I’m sure we will have more, that aren’t necessary associated with the show itself, but we look at the ways to connect these people to the show and roundabout way either to the show or entertainment industry. We had an author on with Steven Rebello, who had no connection to the show but had a huge connection to 20th century fox, which is the studio that produced the MASH. So we look into things like that. And we have another special bonus episode, that will be coming out hopefully before end of the year with another very special guest. Otherwise we’ll just keep plugging a way we’ll keep doing our thing, listening and answering question, doing interviews and if it ain’t broke we will not fix it.

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