Interview s Jeffom Maxwellom (MASH 4077th!) a Ryanom Patrickom (MASH Matters podcast) - 2

Favorite episode

Lukas: Ryan you just mention your favorite episode, can you tell us which exactly is it?

Ryan: An episode that is very special to me, but I’m not gonna make a commitment that this Is my all time favorite episode yet, that’s something we doing as we as go through the podcast – we highlighting season and we pick our top 3 from each season. But if this one isn’t my favorite it’s gonna be at least in top 3. It’s an episode War for all seasons – episode than spans entire year of all in MASH 4077th. That is the episode where Jeff/Igor famously creamed fathers Mulcehy corn. Episode where Winchester and klinger make baseball bet, that backfired to Winchester horribly. It’s just beautifully crafted episode and it’s perfect episode to show somebody who has never ever watched the show and just say here it is, here is great glimpse into what the show was – hard, humor. That was the one I was able to tell Dan Wilcox how special that was to me.

Ryan: I will say picking one episode from you now over from 200 episodes it’s not easy.

Lukas: Yeah I know, I wanted to pick one and ended up with 11 episodes so yeah.

Ryan: nods

Lukas: Jeff do you have some, I know you mentioned on podcast that you didn’t watched whole episode as it was shoot for TV, you saw some scene where you were on and actually you lived it on the set. But do you have favorite maybe episode, maybe scene that you would pick?

Jeff: Yeah there is show called Adam's Ribs and that was show where we standing in the chall line and Alan Alda come through and I say: Entre of the day is liver of fish and he starts his whole tirade about eaten of river of liver and ocean of fish and so fort and so on and then he just go crazy and start throwing stuff and dancing around and jump up on table. The scene was so fun to do, not only to watch Alan to do it, do this scene itself I tought it was funny and I enjoy doing it with him. But my partner standing next to me – Roy Goldman, he had such a fun look on his face and shooting close up of us. We started banging the pots up and down – no one told us to do that, we just did it. We thought it was funny, they laughed so yeah do it again keep doing it. That’s the moment, that is magic that happens and that magic happened for me on the set that day and  its just a real joy relive and watch. So when Adam's Ribs is on I watch it.

All: laughs

Lukas: Was Alan dance scripted?

Jeff: I asked him once, how did you come up with that? He said: I don’t know it’s just happened

Lukas/Ryan laughs in background

Jeff continues: So I really don’t know, that what he said. I know him to be extremely improvisational guy and he has the talent to be that improvisational so wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just happened. I don’t think that was necessarily a plan. I think he kept going and it took him where he went. He was phenomenal. And watching his legs…Watching him dance and his legs where going in different direction – how do you even do that? 

Ryan/Jeff: laughs

Jeff continues: But I kind of think he improvised I don’t he planned it.

End of part 2

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